Subscription Length: 1 day

ZULU is our flagship cheat for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. ZULU is packed full of features, including (but not limited to) an aimbot, ESP including team checks, player names, skeleton, loot, 2D radar and so on. ZULU also has a built-in unlocker to instantly unlock all camos and attachments. ZULU is our most feature-rich Call of Duty: MW II product.




  • Windows 10 (1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2, 22H2) & Windows 11
  • Battle.NET & Steam
  • controller support


  • enable/disable entire aimbot function
  • fully customizable; configure:
    • deadzone
    • bone
    • movement and drop prediction
    • visibility checks
    • ignore downed
    • adjustable FOV
    • distance prioritization
    • dynamic smoothing
  • recoil control modifier
  • automatic hitscan selection (aim at the nearest visible bone)
  • "humanization" aim settings
  • dynamic FOV (automatically adjusts while aiming down sight or hip firing)
  • fully customizable hotkeys


    • select players, dummies or NPCs
    • team checks
    • draw downed
    • draw friendly
    • player names
    • bounding box (2D or 3D)
    • player skeleton
    • fully customizable colors
    • loot ESP (includes weapons, equipment, and ammo)


    • shows player positions and orientation


    • damage/frag(kill) count anti-kick mitigation exploit (helps prevent auto kicks for unusual stats)
    • shadowban bypass (disables game telemetry and HWID from transmitting; this helps prevent shadow bans)
    • safe mode (limits features)
    • daily challenges exploit; resets daily challenges (re-rolls) indefinitely, allowing XP farming
    • camo, attachments, weapons unlocker tool
    • customizable menu themes and colors
    • streamable; use OBS and stream with no visible features on the stream

    Subscription Length: 1 day