Lock in for the most feature-packed Modern Warfare 3 aimbot and wallhack available. Codename CHARLIE, our CoD: MW III cheat is focused on security and flexibility - giving you ultimate control. Play under the radar or fully rage.

With our stream-proof cheat, you can record impressive gameplay for your YouTube channel or stream live without anyone knowing. Our cheat generates unique builds during injection to maximize security and avoid detections - even during tournaments!

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Powerful aimbot

Our highly flexible aimbot lets you take out enemies like a pro. It's heavily humanized using a variety of mathmatical tricks such Bézier curves, so that it never raises any suspicions. Just pure gaming awesomeness!

Quality visuals

Our wallhack and ESP features are unparalleled. See loot through walls, players, health, armor, vehicles, projectiles and much more. We even have chams for those looking for a cleaner, less cluttered ESP experience.

Precise radar

See a top-down overview of nearby enemies. Gain information fast & make quick decisions to pull off a clutch play. A permanent UAV, if you will.

Unlock everything

Soft unlock operators, attachments, weapons, and so much more. Instantly. Our menu has multiple miscellaneous features to enhance your gameplay even further.

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Controller support

Our cheat features native controller support. Plug in and play immediately. No complicated setup needed.



  • enable/disable entire aimbot function
  • fully customizable; configure:
  • dead-zone
  • bone
  • movement and drop prediction
  • visibility checks
  • ignore downed
  • adjustable FOV
  • distance prioritization
  • dynamic smoothing
  • recoil control modifier
  • automatic hit-scan selection (aim at the nearest visible bone)
  • humanization aim settings
  • dynamic FOV (automatically adjusts while aiming down sight or hip firing)
  • fully customizable hotkeys


  • enable/disable entire ESP function
  • health bar
  • armor bar
  • select players, dummies or NPCs
  • team checks
  • enable/disable glow (chams)
  • cash (amount)
  • draw downed
  • draw held weapon
  • snaplines
  • draw friendly
  • player names
  • bounding box (2D or 3D)
  • player skeleton
  • fully customizable colors
  • loot ESP (includes weapons, equipment, and ammo)

exploits + misc

  • instant product delivery
  • automatically updated
  • anti-screenshot anti-cheat feature (scrubs ESP visuals from anti-cheat screenshots)
  • camo, attachments, weapons unlock-all feature (soft unlock)
  • daily challenges exploit; resets daily challenges (re-rolls) indefinitely, allowing XP farming
  • streamable; use OBS and stream with no visible features on the stream

visuals + radar

  • show items:
  • caches
  • weapons
  • armor
  • backpacks
  • misc. items
  • killstreaks
  • lethal grenades
  • tactical grenades
  • ammo
  • cash
  • upgraded armor
  • keycards
  • field upgrades
  • contracts
  • shows player positions and orientation
  • enable/disable entire radar function
  • enable/disable showing loot on 2D radar


Choose: 1 day
Choose: 1 day