Subscription Length: 1 day

FRESH is our flagship cheat for Fortnite. FRESH is incredibly secure, running externally and requiring very few resources to run. FRESH is lightweight, minimally intrusive, and provides unparalleled protection from detections. A perfect track record and multiple users utilizing our FRESH product in tournaments - you'll love it. Featuring chams, aim prediction, humanization, vischeck, and more!




  • Windows 10 (21H1+) & Windows 11
  • Intel & AMD
  • Supports Virtual Machines


  • two modes: casual & tournament
    • tournament mode (mouse/AI-based): allows fine-tuned adjustments to the aimbot for tourney play
    • casual mode (memory-based): aggressive, customizable aimbot
  • FOV
  • smoothing
  • distance
  • bind
  • vischeck (visual check)


  • out-of-field arrows (indicates players outside your field of view)
  • player name
  • 2D box
  • skeleton
  • vischeck (visual check)
  • snaplines
  • render distance
  • show bots
  • team check


  • highly secure
  • stream proof
  • EAC killswitch (automatically disables (closes the game) if an update is detected)
  • non-kernel cheat; external
Subscription Length: 1 day