Subscription Length: 7 days

Introducing HOSTILE, our most powerful cheat menu for Helldivers 2. HOSTILE includes multiple features such as a stratagem modifier, instant objective completion, infinite health and so much more! Use the samples spawner and fast extract features to finish missions quickly and level up fast! The leading cheat on the market for Helldivers 2 - HOSTILE.



  • Windows 10 & Windows 11


    • infinite ammo
    • infinite auto-cannon
    • infinite magazine, grenades
    • no sway, norecoil
    • infinite health
    • infinite syringe (stim)
    • infinite stamina
    • ignore body injuries
    • custom stratagems modifier
    • damage modifier (instakill, multiplier)
    • map reveal
    • force vault doors open
    • instant sub-objective completion (outposts)
    • bullet penetration modifier
    • rapid fire (firing speed modifier)
    • infinite shield backpack
    • no jetpack cooldown
    • freeze mission time
    • fast extraction
    • speedhack (speed modifier)


    • samples modifiers (set common, rare, super)
    • unlock all weapons, cosmetics, etc.
    Subscription Length: 7 days