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Duration: 3 days

Unlock a new level of gameplay with our EA FC 24 cheat, a tool unlike any other. Known as the safest and most reliable option among EA FC 24 hacks, our cheat ensures a secure and enriched gaming experience.



  • Intel & AMD CPUs
  • Windows 10 & Windows 11


ALT-TAB BYPASS — This feature is auto-enabled when the menu is injected. It allows you to ALT-TAB the game without pausing it when you are in a Squad Battles match. You can activate it at any time.

DESYNC BYPASS - This feature is auto-enabled when the menu is injected, and it will protect you against the "Match under review error" that pops up when you lose the sync with the server (Needs to be activated in the Ultimate Team menu if you want to teleport the ball in online matches or to avoid getting a lose if someone teleports the ball against you in DRAFT MODE).

ANTI AFK - This feature will remove the AFK timer that pops up if you are AFK for more than 30 seconds in any online mode.

NAME SPOOFER - You need to activate this feature in the Ultimate Team menu to avoid being reported while in the match by your opponent; when activating this, the opponent won't be able to see your EA profile and report you for cheating. If they are determined, they might be able to report you directly to EA in a ticket, which means you are not 100% safe either way, but most of the players don't bother, so we assume it's a good option.

TIMED FINISHING - This feature will enable perfect green timed shots, every time you press the shot button once. Be aware that this is a new options, which requires only one tap for power, the second will will be done by the game, this feature doesn't enable 2 tap TIMED FINISHNG anymore. Also, depending on your ping/jitter, sometimes it may not time the shots, like 2/20 times, so you will do a normal shot instead. You can activate it anytime.

FREEZE BALL — This feature will freeze the ball 10-15m in the air so no player can touch it. DO NOT USE IT in any online mode of Ultimate Team, like Rivals, Draft, or Weekend LEAGUE. You can use it in Squad Battles matches. Activate it in the match when you think it's the right time to do it.

3M HALF SB — This feature will make the match end faster. Instead of 8 minutes in total, the match will end in 6 real minutes.

GREEN TIME PENALTY - This feature will make all your penalties be green timed, no more red/yellow.

Ultimate Team

- Same as the draft modifier, you need to press on +- to increase/decrease the division you want to play in. The value of 0 means it's disabled and you'll match with players in your original division. It works in Elite as well. Activate it in the Ultimate Team menu. If you are in Division 1, for example, you can spoof to Division 10 for easier opponents, and if you win the match, it will count toward your promotion to the next division and the weekly/season rewards. While you are in elite and spoof outside it, it'll count only for objectives/rewards.

DRAFT ROUND MODIFIER - With this feature, you can increase/decrease the round of draft you are playing in, from 0-3, for faster matchmaking. Activate it Ultimate Team menu, all you need to do is to click on +- .

SKIP PACK ANIMATION - This feature will allow you to skip any pack animation so you can open them faster if you are in a hurry. Activate it in the Ultimate Team menu.

OPPONENT NAME/PLATFORM — This option is activated automatically and cannot be deactivated. It will show your opponent's username and platform (PC/PS5/Xbox).

AI VS OPP — This feature allows the AI to play for you in any online mode. You need to enable it before entering a match.

Pro Clubs-Seasons

This feature will give all of your players/bots 99 stats in both pro clubs and seasons mode without being captain. Also, the stats are hidden, so your opponent won't have any suspicion.

Reverse Momentum — This feature makes the opponent team play like they are in the mud. You can activate it in pro clubs/seasons mode. This is a rage option.

Unlock all Playstyles+ - This feature will give your team all golden playstyles+. You don't have to be captain to work; you also have to activate it before entering a match. This applies to both seasons/pro clubs.

5 Star Skill Move/Weak Foot — This feature will give all of your team 5/5 WF/SM, and it also works without being captain. Also, the WF/SM stats are hidden, so opp. won't notice. This applies to both seasons/pro clubs.

Bot Difficulty — This option will let you customize the difficulty of your bot or the opponent's bot in pro clubs mode. You can set yours to legendary, for example, while you can make your opponent's bot beginner level. It's all about your preference.

Customize Virtual Pro — With this feature, you can choose your virtual pro and what you would like to apply to him when the match starts. Options like 99 stats, 5wf/sm, and playstyles will apply only to your virtual pro.


ALWAYS WIN - This feature must be enabled in the Ultimate Team menu, and it will automatically teleport the ball into the goal after the kickoff event. It will also disconnect you from the match, giving you a 1-0 win. Risky feature. Use with caution.

DISCONNECT MATCH - This option will make the match end for you and the opponent, and given the result, if you are leading, the match will end as a WIN for you, if you are losing/draw, the match will be canceled and it won't count for you. Risky feature. Use with caution.

BALL TELEPORT LEFT/RIGHT - This feature will teleport the ball, giving you a goal in Squad Battles mode and a 1-0 win in every other online mode. Risky feature. Use with caution.

Duration: 3 days