Subscription Length: 1 day

PREDATOR is our flagship cheat for Hunt: Showdown. PREDATOR is packed full of features, including (but not limited to) an aimbot, ESP including team checks, player names, skeleton, and so on. PREDATOR runs internally, giving you complete control.




  • fully customizable; configure:
    • bone
    • recoil
    • movement and drop prediction
    • visibility checks
  • adjustable FOV
  • advanced smoothing


  • loot ESP
    • weapons
    • equipment
    • ammo
  • player and AI/NPC glow
  • player names
  • player skeleton
  • bounding box (2D or 3D)
  • custom draw distance for bosses, items, and players
  • fully customizable colors


    • unlimited ammo toggle in trails
    • customizable menu themes and colors
    • customizable menu hotkeys
    • streamable; use OBS and stream with no visible features on the stream

    Subscription Length: 1 day