Subscription Length: 1 day - Steam

Introducing codename PAPA, our game-breaking cheat for Palworld. PAPA includes multiple features like ESP, instant leveling, infinite health, stamina, teleport exploit, infinite ammo, fly exploit, PalSphere exploit (100% catch rate), invisible mode, and much more. 


PAPA Anti-cheat Version

The 'anti-cheat version' of the PAPA cheat for Palworld is designed to bypass the third-party player mod, "PalGuard" for dedicated player servers. 

If you do not plan on using our product on a server with PalGuard enabled, you can simply purchase the normal version of PAPA.




  • Steam
  • Xbox Gamepass


    • multiple ESP options
      • pickup items
      • chests
      • resources
      • monsters
      • NPCs
      • players
      • draw distance


    • self mods
      • god mode
      • near-infinite health (alternate god mode)
      • reset health
      • revive player (set your HP to full)
      • infinite stamina
      • infinite ammo
      • fly
      • no clip (move through objects, buildings, map, etc., use with fly)
      • instant kill
      • damage reduction (reduce incoming damage from enemies)
      • FOV (modify FOV between 90 to 180)
      • speed hack
      • bigger skills (adjust the size of any skill)
    • item spawner
      • spawn any item
    • pal spawner
      • pal
        • passive editor
        • gender editor
        • skill editor
      • level
      • rank
      • rare (yes, no)
      • health
      • max health
      • health talent
      • melee talent
      • shot talent
      • defense talent
      • full stomach
      • full max stomach
      • full stomach decrease rate
      • craft speed
      • sanity
    • miscellaneous
      • teleport
        • to map points
        • to resources & items
        • eggs
        • bosses
      • force join guild
      • force guild master
      • effects editor (set effects on self; such as: set self on fire, set loop effect on to loop fire animation and be constantly on fire)
        • effect type
        • apply effect
        • remove effect
        • remove all effects
        • loop effects
        • effect delay
    • server exploits
      • force server admin
      • graceful shutdown (a friendly "pal" way of shutting the server down)
      • force stop server (like a graceful shutdown, but more faster and meaner)
      • save progress (force a server status save)
      • enable PvP
      • talk as SYSTEM
      • player info viewer
      • crash server
      • spam chat 
        • spam chat amount (1 to 10 messages per message sent)
      • nuke server (does as much damage as possible to server; destroys all bases and sets negative, permanent stats on all players; max carry weight forcing them to be stuck/permanently walking)
    • players
      • send all players to boss
      • despawn player(s)
      • kill all players
      • give all players stats
      • permanently cripple all accounts (sets negative stats, maximum weight, players will be unable to move or do anything permanently)
      • un-cripple player(s)
      • give god mode to all players
    • recovery
      • add technology
      • add ancient technology
      • technology amount
      • unlock all technology
      • unlock all effigies
      • unlock all notes
      • drop duplicate item
      • instant level up
      • add experience to party
        • set amount
      • explore all (explores entire map)
      • stat editor
        • add available stats
        • add attack stats
        • add weight stats
        • add work speed stats
        • stat hack
        • stats multiplier


        Subscription Length: 1 day - Steam