Subscription Length: 7 days

DELTA is our flagship cheat for Apex Legends. DELTA is packed full of features, including (but not limited to) an aimbot, ESP including team checks, player names, glow, skeleton, loot, and so on. DELTA also has radar and multiple miscellaneous features like a spectator list, automatic shield-swap/upgrade, heirloom changer, a squirrel script loader & extractor (for your custom squirrel scripts), and many more features. DELTA runs internally, giving you complete control. DELTA is our most feature-rich Apex Legends product.




  • fully customizable; configure:
    • bone
    • recoil
    • trigger bot
    • movement and drop prediction
    • visibility checks
  • packet-based silent aim
  • automatic hitscan selection (aim at the nearest visible bone)
  • "humanization" aim settings
  • dynamic FOV (automatically adjusts while aiming down sight or hip firing)
  • fully customizable hotkeys


  • select players, dummies or NPCs
  • team checks
  • health and shield indicator
  • player names
  • bounding box (2D or 3D)
  • player skeleton
  • player glow
  • fully customizable colors
  • loot ESP (includes weapons, equipment, and ammo)
  • choose between ESP icons or text
  • select items you want to see/not see on ESP


  • shows player positions and orientation
  • "big map radar" that shows player positions and orientation for the entire map
  • color codes different teams on the radar


  • spectator list (shows a warning and active spectator names)
  • shield swap (automatically equips nearby shields with better health)
  • auto loot/swap (automatically equips nearby better loot)
  • heirloom changer (automatically equips the correct heirloom)
  • built-in Squirrel script loader and extractor allows you to load your own custom Squirrel script files (import your own aimbot, ESP, etc.; this is an unsupported feature; any scripts you add we cannot support/assist with/troubleshoot issues)
  • menu translated to 8 different languages, inc. German, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
  • customizable menu themes and colors
  • streamable; use OBS and stream with no visible features on the stream

Subscription Length: 7 days