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HELIX is our flagship cheat for Halo: Infinite. HELIX is packed full of features, including (but not limited to) an aimbot, ESP including team checks, player names, skeleton, and so on. HELIX runs internally, giving you complete control. HELIX has had zero detections from release.




  • enable/disable aimbot
  • fully customizable; configure:
    • bone (head, eye, neck, torso)
    • movement and drop prediction
    • visibility checks
  • dead zone
  • adjustable FOV
  • enable/disable FOV
  • auto-snap to next target
  • advanced smoothing (adjustable, randomized smoothing values set between ranges)


  • enable/disable ESP
  • team checks
  • player distances
  • player names
  • bounding box 
  • player skeleton
  • enable/disable snaplines
  • draw disatance
  • fully customizable colors


    • customizable menu themes and colors
    • customizable menu hotkeys
    • streamable; use OBS and stream with no visible features on the stream

    Subscription Length: 1 day