Powerful aimbot

Our highly flexible aimbot lets you take out enemies like a pro. It's heavily humanized using a variety of mathmatical tricks such Bézier curves, so that it never raises any suspicions. Just pure gaming awesomeness!

Quality visuals

Our wallhack and ESP features are unparalleled. See loot through walls, players, health, armor, vehicles, projectiles and much more. We even have chams for those looking for a cleaner, less cluttered ESP experience.

Precise radar

See a top-down overview of nearby enemies. Gain information fast & make quick decisions to pull off a clutch play. A permanent UAV, if you will.

Unlock everything

Soft unlock operators, attachments, weapons, and so much more. Instantly. Our menu has multiple miscellaneous features to enhance your gameplay even further.

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Controller support

Our cheat features native controller support. Plug in and play immediately. No complicated setup needed.