Subscription Length: 1 day

X-RAY is a simple chams cheat for Escape from Tarkov Arena. Chams, short for chameleon, is a form of a 'wallhack' or 'ESP' cheat. Enemies are brightly colored and visible through walls/objects, making them easier to see. X-RAY is the perfect solution for those looking to cheat discreetly.

X-RAY is a great product for those looking for a long-term cheating solution as well. Because X-RAY is so simple, it has never been detected and runs incredibly lightweight. 




  • Windows 10 (20H1 through 22H2) & Windows 11
  • Battlestate Games Launcher
  • Escape from Tarkov (ARENA)
  • Intel & AMD

    ESP or "CHAMS"

    • visible check (vischeck)
    • player chams (visible: green, not visible players & PMCs: pink)
    • bots (AI) (blue)
    • SCAVs (orange)
    • bosses (red)

    Subscription Length: 1 day