Setup Guide for DELTA

This guide will show you how to properly setup your PC to use DELTA. Please follow this guide in its entirety before reaching out for support.

  1. Completely disable and/or uninstall any anti-virus/malware/spyware software. This includes Windows Defender
  2. Open Origin and sign in.
  3. Create and/or sign into your Steam account (DELTA uses Steam to authenticate you, versus a HWID lock – this means you can use our cheat on any PC!)
  4. Install the loader from the downloaded .ZIP file. (run as administrator)
  5. Create an account within the loader. Please remember your account credentials. Use this registration code: fYyhDa7VHQ
  6. After creating your account, a message should appear asking you to link your Steam account, click OK to link. If you are not logged into your Steam account, the loader will not automatically grab your Steam ID.
  7. Now you are signed into the loader and authenticated. Click on “Redeem Key” and paste in your license key from your order on Dex Aim.
  8. Right click on Apex Legends in the cheats list and click “Update”
  9. Once the cheat is fully up to date, click on Apex Legends to launch the game.
  • Use the F10 key to open/close the menu

To use silent aim…

  • smooth = 0
  • aim key = off
  • FOV to  0.2 (or a bit higher for more rage-mode type settings)
  • aim in (ADS) when shooting for better accuracy

Some more notes…

  • for controller support w/ aimbot, set: aimkey = off)