Setup Guide for DELTA & DELTA-LITE

This guide will show you how to properly setup your PC to use DELTA. Please follow this guide in its entirety before reaching out for support.

  1. Uninstall all antivirus software.
  2.  Disable Windows Defender real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, automatic sample submission and tamper protection.
  3. Open Origin and sign in.
  4. Open Steam and sign in. (DELTA uses Steam to authenticate your license, this means you can use it on any PC)
  5. Extract all files in .ZIP from the download on your order and run “loader.exe.”
  6. Create an account within the loader. This account is separate from your DEXAiM account and other cheats we sell on our DEXAiM website – this login only works for cheats branded DELTA.
  7. Use this registration code: fYyhDa7VHQ
  8. After creating your DELTA loader account, it will ask to link your Steam account. (If you are not logged into your Steam account, the loader will not automatically grab your Steam ID.)
  9. Once signed in and linked to Steam, click redeem key and paste in your license key from your order on DEXAiM.
  10. Right click on Apex Legends in the cheats list and click ‘Update’
  11. Once the cheat is fully up to date, click on the Apex Legends box art to launch the game.
  • The anti-cheat protection with Apex Legends is very sensitive and will automatically ban players based on certain player behaviors while in-game.
  • Be careful when using this product, as certain aimbot settings will cause an instant kick and/or ban.
  • We recommend visiting our Discord server and asking around in the customer channels for settings that other customers currently use and any suggestions they have regarding play-styles.
  • Multiple bans will cause a “hardware” ban, meaning your specific PC and its components will be “flagged” by Apex Legends’ anti-cheat software. This can only be bypassed by utilizing “spoof” software to “mask” or “change” the IDs (identifiers) of your PC’s hardware as to trick the anti-cheat into believing you are on a different PC entirely.
  • Use the F10 key to open/close the menu

Some more notes…

  • for controller support w/ aimbot, set: aimkey = off)


CRITICAL – Couldn’t obtain the process base address

  1. This is most likely a problem with a certain driver being present in the system.
  2. Navigate to: C:/Windows/System32/drivers
  3. Look for a file called “iqvw64e.sys”
  4. If this file is present, reboot your PC and go into safe mode, then delete this file.
  5. Reboot again, all should be fine.


Authentication failed: No access

  • There is no SteamID associated with your DELTA loader account.
  • Use manage account -> link SteamID


Authentication failed: No subscription

  • You have linked your SteamID twice, on two different DELTA loader accounts.
  • We need to clear your SteamID on one of the accounts for you – please open a support ticket on our Discord.


Integrity Violation Kick and/or error

  • These are kicks from EAC (anti-cheat) for automatically identified ‘snapping’ from aimbots in Apex Legends
  • The temporary fix is to slide the ‘smooth’ slider for the aimbot to a value higher than ‘0.200’