Requisition Slips Runs

Run Type: ten (10) requisition slips runs

A "Requisition Slips Run" is ten (10) missions of Helldivers 2 with our boosting team, where you will earn the maximum amount of Requisition Slips. This includes approximately 50,000 Requisition Slips and approximately 8 to 11 Warbond medals. This takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

This service includes ten (10) runs, in which you will earn:

  • 50,000 Requisition Slips
  • approximately 8 to 11 Warbond medals
  • player XP

You can order more than one 50,000 Requisition Slips run service, though, after ten (10) runs, you will need to spend the 50,000 Requisition Slips. Helldivers caps the limit of slips at 50,000. With our service, however, we can farm as many as you desire.


Some time after you place your order, a member of our boosting team will send you a friend request on Helldivers 2 using the friend code you provided. We will complete the service you ordered.


Lobby invites for our service are typically sent in less than an hour from the time you order. In some cases, this can take longer. 

Most services are completed in around 10 to 15 minutes. Some of our services, like bundles, for example - can take up to 60 minutes to complete.


Yes. This is 100% safe and has zero ban risk. Our boosters will manually play matches and "carry" you. You will not be using any cheats or mods. You are simply in a lobby with a member of our team.

Run Type: ten (10) requisition slips runs