If you are having issues with any of the cheats we support, here you will find a collection of all issues we have encountered and how we’ve resolved those issues.

If you follow the guides outlined here and are still having issues, please contact us via Discord or the Contact Us page.

Cheating Basics

What is a 'loader?'

Most cheats utilize a piece of software called a “loader.” A loader is where you input your license key, view the time remaining on your license key(s), and “inject” or input a cheat into a game. This happens via “injecting” the cheat into your PC’s memory (RAM), via attaching to an existing executable (such as Chrome, Calculator, etc.) or a variety of other methods.

Cheats are able to stay undetected by anti-cheat software by utilizing new and creative ways of “injecting” into the games we play.

How do I use cheats?

Follow the relevant setup guide for our cheats (below). Download your loader from either your customer panel, or the “order completed” email that was delivered to you after purchase.

  • Cheats that support configurations via a menu are typically accessed by using the HOME, INS or DEL key on your keyboard.
Pro-tip: load from a USB!

Keep the loader (or multiple loaders, if you subscribe to more than one cheat!) on a USB flash drive. This adds a small layer of security when using cheats. This isn’t required in order to use cheats, but it does help keep you safer.

  1. Insert USB drive
  2. Copy license key
  3. Run loader as administrator
  4. Paste license key into loader, press enter
  5. After loader injects and/or closes, remove USB drive

Setup Guide for APEX-DELTA

Setup Guide for APEX-DAWN

Setup Guide for SMITE-MYTHIC

Setup Guide for 'FOXTROT-FN' (aim + ESP + stream)