Setup Guide for DAWN

This guide will show you how to properly setup your PC to use DAWN. Please follow this guide in its entirety before reaching out for support.

primary steps
  1. Completely disable and/or uninstall any anti-virus/malware/spyware software. This includes Windows Defender
  2. Uninstall VirtualBox (virtual machine software; you probably do not have this)
  3. Uninstall any league anti-cheat(s) such as FACE-IT and ESEA
  4. Update video card drivers to the latest version
  5. Update Windows to the latest version
  6. Press the  Windows key (or click start) -> type “Windows Defender”
  7. Click on “App & browser control
  8. Turn off “check apps and files”
  9. Turn off “SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge”
  10. Turn off “SmartScreen for Microsoft Store apps”
  11. Within Origin, in the top left, click Origin -> application settings
  12. Under “application settings” disable “Show Origin after gameplay”
  13. Scroll down; under start-up options disable “Origin helper service”
  14. Scroll up; click “Origin In-Game” disable “Origin In-Game”
  15. Restart your PC
  16. Disable secure boot within BIOS 
how to start dawn
  1. Copy your license key (highlight -> right click -> copy)
  2. Open the loader for DAWN
  3. DAWN will inform you how much time is left on your key, then inject and close itself. 
  4. DAWN will delete itself (the loader .exe) from your desktop/flash drive
  5. The DAWN login screen will appear; select your language, click ‘login’
  6. In Origin, start Apex Legends (do not use desktop shortcut)
  7. Once you are at the main menu, you may configure DAWN
how to use dawn
  • Use the HOME key to hide the menu
  • Use the END key to close the cheat when you are finished playing

DAWN does not have visibility check on players. This means you will sometimes lock on players you do not intend to. Ensure you lock on a target before engaging for best results. We recommend using aimbot bone setting to ‘body.’